Tunnel Repair & Rehabilitation

SubTerra, Inc. has performed condition surveys and repair designs for 100-year old tunnel structures and underground hydroelectric plant powerhouse openings coupling these services with our extensive experience in excavation engineering, underground ground support design, shotcrete technology, and design visualization. Advanced survey and data processing techniques have been used to prepare 3-D digital models and still images for presentations to Owners, other Engineers and potential Repair Contractors.

Typical Services and Work products include:

  • Research

    Research to locate original construction documents, design and site investigation records, upgrade and maintenance records.

  • Planning

    Planning, managing and performing condition surveys.

  • Survey

    Baseline condition surveys and repair recommendations.

  • 3D Imaging

    3-D laser imaging (by subcontractor) and 3-D presentation of collected data.

  • Photogrammetric Mapping

    Photogrammetric mapping (by SubTerra’s Associates) of rock quality data required to assess the feasibility of underground repair options

  • Geologic Mapping

    Geologic mapping and coring in support of liner condition surveys.

  • Design Repairs

    Design of repair alternatives including water-proofing and structural repairs.

  • Contract Preparation

    Preparation of Contract Documents and Construction Management of Repair Programs.

SubTerra, Inc. brings over twenty five (25) years of experience on over 100 completed Tunnel and Microtunnel projects.  This experience includes Owner and Contractor Design, Design Review, Construction Management, Claims and Claims Management and Expert Support in Litigation.  Projects include Conventional Excavation (drill-and-blast), NATM/SEM, TBM, EPBM, MTBM and a wide range of Pipe Jacking with tunnels as short as 40-ft and as long as 9-miles.

We specialize in Complex Designs providing simple solutions for Complex Projects using a full range of Design Tools and 3-D Modelling to demonstrate Complex Projects in advance of Construction.