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Engineering & Design Services

Tunneling & Underground Engineering

Project & Data Visualization

Blast Planning & Vibrations Monitoring

Construction Planning & Management

Instrumentation & Automated Monitoring

Qualifications & Experience

Specialized Engineering

SubTerra operates as the focal point for a small network of highly qualified independent consultants working in the geotechnical, rock mechanics, civil, mining and related engineering industries.

Certified Experience

SubTerra offers a broad range of engineering services at each stage in the investigation, design and construction of geotechnical, mining, and environmental projects for civil construction and mining applications.

Professional Solutions

With Professional Engineers and Dedicated Technicians on-staff, our company transforms your project into a comprehensive data-set ready to be ingested without complicated technical knowledge.

Past Projects

We realize that our past project performance is essential; our staff are readily available to meet & discuss upcoming projects at our office, national meetings, or at your place of business.

Global Reach

SubTerra, Inc. maintains projects across all corners of the globe. Contact us today to see how we can assist with your needs.

26 Years Experience

SubTerra, Inc. has the extensive experience and highly qualified personnel which are needed to take your project to the next level.