Environmental Permitting Preparation

The experience of SubTerra, Inc. and its team of associates allow us to offer a complete range of environmental services for every stage of the modern permitting process. We have technical staff experienced in performing the initial project evaluations, completing the appropriate environmental baseline analysis, and defining the short and long-term environmental impacts to the environment. We have developed pro-active methods for managing the permitting process with both the various local, state, and federal agencies that also incorporate local citizen groups. Our services and expertise cover almost all aspects of environmental issues.

SubTerra has the expertise to complete a preliminary project analysis using project location, land ownership, present environmental conditions, and the anticipated impacts to determine which local, state, and federal agencies have jurisdiction. After determining which regulatory agencies would be involved in the permitting process, We can evaluate and modify the proposed designs and construction plans to ensure they meet the requirements established by the appropriate regulations.

Establish Existing Environmental Conditions

SubTerra.’s technical staff and associates can evaluate and document the existing environmental conditions of the project site to ensure an accurate assessment of any future impacts from the proposed project. Baseline studies for the project site would include:

  • Determine the presence of cultural resources/archeology sites;
  • Analyze the site to estimate existing surface and ground water conditions and flows;
  • Map the area geology and determine the soil quality and quantity;
  • Delineate any wetlands or Waters of the United States;
  • Document the wildlife and determine if animals listed as threatened or endangered species are present;
  • Document the site vegetation and riparian areas;
  • Establish ambient air quality data;
  • Establish existing noise levels; and
  • Establish existing traffic patterns.

Determine Environmental Impacts and Managing SEPA/EIS Process

SubTerra will manage preparation of the technical products for the EIS or SEPA checklist and liase with regulating officials during preparation of the permit documents. The permitting process evaluates the future environmental impacts of the proposed actions and proposes alternatives to eliminate, minimize or mitigate any foreseen environmental impacts. Where necessary we have the technical staff to propose on and off-site mitigation measures to offset any unavoidable environmental impacts.We can complete reclamation plans and, when possible, establish methods of reclaiming disturbed areas concurrently with projected operations. In conjunction with managing the SEPA/EIS process Our expertise in conducting environmental analysis for individual issues such as reclamation (federal and state agencies), air (PSD and Title V CAA), and surface water management (NPDES, Storm Water, COE Section 404). The experience basis for these broad service areas is provided in the following brief personnel narratives. In addition to the personnel listed below, SubTerra has, through its affiliated consultants, access to additional specialists with expertise in many fields related to mine and quarry permitting. Please contact us at the address above if you need more detailed information regarding our services or to request a proposal for your upcoming project.