Quarry & Mining Operation

Quarry & Surface Mining

The experience of SubTerra, Inc. and its team of associates allows us to offer a broad range of geological, engineering, and permit support services at each project stage in the investigation, design and operation of quarries and small-scale surface mines.

Services & Expertise

Our services and expertise include:

  • Economic and Mining Geology
  • Interpretation/Appraisal of aerial photographs;;
  • Field exploration (including geophysics/geochemistry), geological and structural mapping and logging;
  • Mineralogical & petrological mapping and identification;
  • Computation of reserves/resources by traditional and geostatistical methods;
  • Technical assessment and economic feasibility of mining operations;
  • Project appraisals, feasibility studies, technical audits, and bankable documents ;
  • Value engineering;
  • Environmental studies and audits;
  • Financial and technical risk assessment.

Design and Implementation of Site Investigation Programs

Design and Implementation of Site Investigation Programs, focused on project specific product, hydrologic, environmental, and geotechnical requirements, permit issues, and design information needs, including:

  • Site reconnaissance and mapping;
  • Exploratory drilling and logging;
  • Field sampling and laboratory testing;
  • Well installation and sampling;
  • Environmental, noise, traffic, and supporting studies in conjunction with specialist sub-consultants.

Permitting carried out in conjunction with experienced sub-consultants under contract to SubTerra, Inc. or the Project Owner. SubTerra, Inc. will manage preparation of the technical products for the EIS or SEPA checklist and liase with county and local officials during preparation of the permit documents.

Feasibility Studies and Preliminary Site Investigations

Feasibility Studies and Preliminary Site Investigations for source evaluation, large rock recovery estimates, and to identify critical engineering, hydrological, environmental, and geotechnical issues. We also define design information needs, assess permitting issues and overall project feasibility, and provide preliminary cost estimates. We typically utilize probabilistic methods to define the range, and uncertainty, in project designs and related cost estimates at this preliminary stage.

Design and Engineering Services

  • Computer aided mine planning and design;
  • Slope stability assessments;
  • Geologic and rockfall hazards evaluation;
  • Blast design, monitoring and optimization;
  • Project planning, cost and schedule estimates, specification and contract document preparation;
  • Contractor selection.

Operations Management

  • Site management and control;
  • Layout and control of drilling and blasting, blast compliance monitoring, and blast optimization;
  • Sampling for grade control;
  • Geologic and geotechnical mapping of excavation;
  • Review of geotechnical data and stability analyses;
  • Permit maintenance;
  • Management of reclamation activities;
  • Construction management and quality assurance

Regulatory Assistance: Preparation of permitting criteria, permit process, and development requirements for alternative surface land uses over undermined areas: Permit preparation and permit agency interaction, public meeting presentations.