Engineering Services

Tunneling & Underground Engineering

  • Hard Rock and Soft Ground
  • Excavation Method and Equipment Selection
  • Risk Assessment
  • Geotechnical Baseline Report
  • Design, Instrumentation, Monitoring
  • Contract and Bid Document Preparation
  • Contractor Support

Blast Engineering & Construction Vibrations

  • Blast Design, Diagnostic Monitoring and Blast Optimization
  • Blast Permitting
  • Far-field and Compliance Monitoring
  • Permit and Litigation Expert Testimony
  • Far-Field and Compliance Monitoring
  • Instantel Equipment Sales and Rental

Mining & Rock Mechanics

  • Preliminary Investigations
  • Design and Implementation of Site Investigation Programs
  • Interpretation of Site Investigation Data
  • Design and Engineering
  • Rock-fall Hazard Modeling / Risk Assessment

Environmental Permitting

  • Expanded Checklist and Full EIS Preparation
  • Management, Pre-Application to Permit Issue
  • Site planning, sensitive area review, geologic hazards,surface water management, aesthetics, concept and design visualization, 3-D Modeling and Animation
  • Subconsultant Management (Wetlands, Wildlife, Fish, Noise, Traffic, etc.)

Active & Abandoned Mine Subsidence

  • Site Investigation
  • Subsidence Prediction and Impact Evaluation (Roads, Residential and Commercial Structures, Surface and Ground Water, Power Lines, Gas and Oil Pipelines, Landfills, etc.)
  • Rock Mechanics Modeling for Mine Abandonment
  • Regulatory Expertise
  • Remedial Measures

Construction Planning & Management

  • Quantity Take-Offs and Cost Estimates
  • Contract bid Document Preparation
  • Value Engineering
  • Construction Quality Assurance
  • Contract Negotiation/Contractor Selection


  • Site Investigations
  • Equipment, Route, and Method Selection
  • Design, Cost and Schedule Estimates
  • Specification/Bid Document Preparation
  • Settlement Evaluation And Monitoring
  • Geotechnical Field Services During Construction
  • Claims Preparation or Evaluation
  • Design/Build Teaming
Quarry & Mining Operation

Quarry & Surface Mining

  • Computer Aided Mine Planning with GEMCOM for Windows
  • Reserve Estimates Including Large Rock Recovery Projections
  • Geologic Mapping And Exploration Drilling
  • Source Evaluations
  • Geologic And Rockfall Hazards
  • Environmental Permitting
  • Blast Design, Monitoring, And Optimization

Design & Visualization Services

  • 3D spatial data management
  • 3D Geological modeling
  • Project & Design Visualization
  • Dynamic 3D Modeling for Blueprints & Drawings
  • Data Graphics & Technical Representation

Civil Engineering

  • Design, Bid, & Build Consulting & Project Management
  • Planning and managing geotechnical data collection
  • Preparing Geotechnical Interpretation and Geotechnical Baseline Reports
  • Providing review services to municipalities lacking in-house expertise
  • Contract Negotiation/Contractor Selection