Engineering Support for London Underground

The London Underground is composed of an extensive network of rail and pedestrian tunnels, along with a variety of related support facilities. Expansion or renovation efforts within this subsurface environment carry with them not only the usual challenges to underground engineering, but in some areas the additional challenge of working beneath some of the most expensive and architecturally significant buildings in the world. SubTerra, Inc., and its associates have been active participants in several major construction projects on the London Underground.

SubTerra, Inc. & Associates participate in several London Underground projects

The Cross Rail Project involved construction of a new mainline railway across the center of London. The route would be almost entirely underground, and include almost 5 miles of twin-bored, twenty-ft. diameter tunnel connecting five new underground stations. The project cost was estimated at over $200 million.

The Cross Rail Project was successfully completed, enhancing transportation connections beneath London.

The project was constructed using the New Austrian Tunneling Method (NATM). This technique uses a combination of means to maximize the self-supporting capacity of the given soil conditions. Work by SubTerra and its associates included coordinating the intricate task of meshing required station geometry with the existing underground railways, pedestrian tunnels and services, deep basements, and an underground post office railway. Support was also provided in review of the work undertaken by UK consultants, preparation of design manuals, and input for the Parliamentary process. SubTerra’s UK Associate also participated in design of the key station at Liverpool Street.

SubTerra, Inc. & associates involved with several London Underground refurbishment projects

Tunneling and shaftsinking advice for refurbishment of the Finsbury Park Station, along with design review and programming of the construction activities. This work was performed for extensions of the underground ticket hall, surface main line railway platforms, and the Picadilly and Victoria Line Underground Station.

Preliminary design for construction of a new, 36-ft. diameter inclined esca-lator tunnel and underground machine room for the Picadilly Line Station at Russell Square.

Project management for refurbish-ment, design and construction of the East London Line, Brunel’s Tunnel below the Thames River.

Proposal review for new escalators and cross passages for congestion relief at Tottenham Court Road Station.